Reon Laudat
December 16, 2017 @ 9:25 AM

Happy Holidays!
We actually had some snow after several days of above-average temps in the late 60s. What a  pleasant surprise!Just a dusting. But hey, it was snow! And it looked pretty for a short time before melting because the ground was still too warm.
This season also makes me think of an unfamiliar word I noticed was a trending hashtag on social media. 
What the heck is hygge?
I searched for the answer, and I found plenty of articles and even books on the topic. Talking about late to the party. I can't believe I just took note of it. Hygge, a Danish word, seems to mean enjoying life's simple pleasures at home or out-- with friends, family or alone. Some describe it as a "conscious ............

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October 9, 2017 @ 11:27 AM

I've been eager to post the cover for my upcoming romance, but I forced myself to wait until I had a complete draft of the manuscript… and a title. lol

Last month, I wrote about bouts of writer’s block. And I kept ping-ponging between two titles. Couldn’t decide which one to use, so I polled a few trusted people.

 The winner is One of a Kind Love Affair, inspired by the classic Spinners song. It fits the characters, and I like the throwback sound of it. If you’ve visited this blog before you know I love golden oldies, especially R&B, blues, and soul; my characters love oldies, too.

I will probably use the runner-up title, which is slightly edgier, for the fourth book in the Mistywood Lane series. ............

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September 12, 2017 @ 4:47 PM


This Nora Roberts quote is hilarious. It’s a much-needed kick in the keister, too.

About my work in progress, in an earlier post, I announced the story was just “pouring” out of me, and I couldn’t type quickly enough.

Welp, I should’ve known that wouldn’t last long. With every manuscript, I always battle a bout or two of writer’s block. I’m a pantser, meaning I don’t do a whole lot of outlining, pre-planning, or pre-plotting. (I research a few things and try to do character sketches, though.)

 I took a few days away from my WIP to reflect on why I’d lost some of my mojo. For me, it’s usually one of two issues 1) I don’t know my characters as well as I ............

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July 25, 2017 @ 9:13 AM

Check out the trade paperback versions of these babies, playing nicely together. Awww. Aren’t they sweet? Mama over here is so proud.

I sell better in ebook format  because of the lower price point. Paper is often three to four times the price of digital. Still, I try to make my latest books available in print. And I like having a tangible copy of my blood, sweat, and tears on the shelf.

 For more detail, check out the previous post. I wrote about changing the cover of the first Mistywood Lane book (Welcome to Mistywood Lane) to complement the second book in the series (He Could Be the One).

In the post before that, I wrote about celebrating a personal best of Kindle Unlimited page reads for the month of May. To be ............

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June 27, 2017 @ 9:36 AM


Some weird glitchy stuff has been happening to my blog. If you visited earlier and got a bunch of odd repeated chunks of copy, computer code, and missing photos, sorry about that. I double-checked the post before going live. Still, something went wrong after posting. Wonder if it's associated with the stuff I've seen in the news. Anyway, here goes AGAIN. I hope we're done with that cyber craziness.

Check out the *new* cover for Welcome to Mistywood Lane.  (left) Will change the look on retail sites soon.

I love the original cover of Welcome to Mistywood Lane. (lower right) When the designer sent it over, I couldn’t stop grinning at it for days.  Super-duper cute in my humble opinion.

 But with a ............

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June 16, 2017 @ 10:05 AM


In a previous post, I mentioned I was on track to have my best month of Kindle Unlimited page reads (for a single title He Could Be the One).

Well, it happened... and before the BookBub promo, but that’s another happy-dance story for another day.

I couldn't be more pleased!

Confession. I love writing with all my heart. I enjoy creating characters and getting lost in their worlds. Thank goodness I feel such love for the process.  Even on those bad days when I want to shoot my laptop, I know that feeling doesn’t last because writing is (and has always has been) in my blood. I wrote books in grade school tablets and passed them around for my classmates to read. First efforts were blatant rip-offs of Cinderella ............

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May 21, 2017 @ 11:35 AM

The reception for He Could Be the One has been great, the best for one of my indie debuts so far.

If you purchased it and passed along a recommendation to another romance fan, THANK YOU.

 I’m on track to have my best month of Kindle Unlimited page reads. (In addition to regular sale, my indie books are available through Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited subscription program. A portion of each book's earnings is based on the number of pages read.)  THANK YOU, Kindle Unlimited readers. :) Mwah!

If you haven't done either (purchased or read via KU), what the heck are you waiting for? Chop-chop!

For a little more than a week, HCBTO was the Editor’s Choice on the Romance in Color review site. Thanks, RIC crew! ............

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April 30, 2017 @ 7:59 PM

Happy Release Day to me! Yay!

He Could Be the One is out in the world, y’all!

Here's the book description again:


The Player’s Proposition…

Quinn Sommers and Lance Donovan have been hot for each other since the day they met at her sister’s back fence.

After noting his slick womanizing ways, she vowed not to become another notch on this arrogant charmer’s bedpost.

Quinn has resisted Lance for well over a year. Constant bickering—driving each other, family, and mutual friends plumb crazy— failed to quash the sexual tension crackling between them.

Lance, a master of biding his time, always gets what he wants. And he’s decided they’ve wasted too much time on nonsense. He ............

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April 12, 2017 @ 8:05 AM

After much flip-flopping, I've finally made a decision on the cover for my upcoming release, He Could Be the One. You see, I have two covers I love.

Because HCBTO features secondary characters from Welcome to Mistywood Lane, I initially thought I needed to make the covers nearly identical. That's what a lot of people do to tie their series together visually. This is a flag for the reader that the novels are set in the same story world. (Romance readers LOVE them some series.)

Reese, the heroine in WTML, is a cupcake baker so the cover features one. This is one of my favorite covers, by the way.

When I decided to write Quinn's story, I told the cover designer I wanted a cover with a sweet treat theme like WTML. I wanted the ............

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March 1, 2017 @ 7:32 AM

I'm still busy getting my latest novel (He Could Be the One)  ready for release. It's hard work, but work I enjoy. Well, I enjoy it when everything is flowing.

I had planned to do a cover reveal with this post, but I've decided to hold off a bit.

I have TWO covers! Two different concepts by two different cover designers.

And I love both.

Every time I think I've made a final decision, I change my mind again. I've even polled people. I still flip-flop every or other day, soooooo until I make a final decision and stick with that choice for longer than a few days, no posting it.

Also, on the work-in-progress front, I'm in the middle of edits for He Could Be the One. I've added an extra round to the ............

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