October 9, 2017 @ 10:27 AM

I've been eager to post the cover for my upcoming romance, but I forced myself to wait until I had a complete draft of the manuscript… and a title. lol

Last month, I wrote about bouts of writer’s block. And I kept ping-ponging between two titles. Couldn’t decide which one to use, so I polled a few trusted people.

 The winner is One of a Kind Love Affair, inspired by the classic Spinners song. It fits the characters, and I like the throwback sound of it. If you’ve visited this blog before you know I love golden oldies, especially R&B, blues, and soul; my characters love oldies, too.

I will probably use the runner-up title, which is slightly edgier, for the fourth book in the Mistywood Lane series. Fourth book is just a vague idea at this point, y’all.

One of a Kind Love Affair is Blaire's story of course. The oldest Sommers sister will tangle with...

Julian Phillips, Gabriel and Lance’s close friend and business partner. (For those visiting my blog for the first time, Gabe and Lance are the heroes in the previous books.) If you've read those, you’ve probably guessed this was coming. A few readers asked for more of Julian. I planted hints about a possible Blaire + Julian pairing when Reese met Gabe in 2016's Welcome to Mistywood Lane. (In that first book, Julian gave Reese some advice during a challenging time.)


Again, I hinted at this Blaire + Julian pairing in Quinn and Lance’s story, He Could Be the One. But even with those clues, I wasn't completely committed to this couple. I left room to change my mind and put Blaire with someone else. Gabe’s philandering movie star brother, Lucas, perhaps? I never know where my fickle muse will lead me.

Because music has always been a big part of my creative process, I’d like to share which songs are heavily influencing my work in progress. There’s always a soundtrack in my head. (It was all Smokey Robinson all the time for He Could Be the One.)

For Love Affair, it’s Sam Cooke. I swear, hardly a day goes by when I don’t listen to this man’s golden pipes to get me in the right headspace. He can sang. And yeah, I meant to write SANG because that’s when you know it’s reeeeeal good.

And wouldn’t you know it? Julian, as I mentioned in HCBTO, is a huge Sam Cooke fan, too. What a coinkydink! lol Check out these songs if you get a chance. Freebies on YouTube: That’s Where It’s At (a cover of a Simms Twins minor hit), Bring It on Home to Me, Nothing Can Change This Love, You Send Me, Just for YouYou Were Made for Me, For Sentimental Reasons (a cover of a Nat King Cole classic). I feel the romance seeping deep into my bones when I listen to Sam's music. (Swoon!) I break up the serious or sexy songs with the cute and bouncy Sugar Dumpling and Another Saturday Night. (Sam recorded two versions of Sugar Dumpling. I prefer the second one.)

Speaking of Sam, I devoured Dream Boogie, The Triumph of Sam Cooke by Peter Guralnick, a must-read for all diehard Sam Cooke fans. Couldn’t turn the pages quickly enough. I have several Sam CDs. (Yes, I still prefer to hold my music in my hands if  I want.) Sam Cooke: Portrait of a Legend 1951-1964 is one of my favorites mixes. (See photo above)

Here are the three covers together, not in chronological order.  For this triplets graphic, the cover designer put One of a Kind Love Affair in the middle so I could do side-by-side comparisons to see if it played well with the other two. I think it does. I love his idea to go with a minimalistic feel and color blocks for linking them. It’s easy to continue for future books in the series.

When will you get to read Blaire and Julian’s story? The official blurb and release date to come.  

Until next time…;)