Reon Laudat
August 18, 2015 @ 2:08 PM


I have a clear direction for my next WIP (work-in-progress). 


I was worried there for a minute. It seems as if it took forever to settle on my next path, but now I have focused my creative energy on a SINGLE story.

I'm writing--without jumping from project to project. In my previous post, I complained about my indecision. It had me starting and stopping too often with long breaks between sessions. There was often a serious lack of motivation. I was still stuck in my last story world and thinking about how much I enjoyed those characters.

Not to mention thinking about the marketing and promotion for it. Man, it's a SERIOUS jungle out there in this flooded book market. Flooded? I should  probably say ............

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August 7, 2015 @ 10:53 AM


The heck if I know. After the April 2015 release of Just Her Type, I took a little writing break.

I needed it to avoid burnout. I needed time to refill the creative well and really think about which story idea I wanted to tackle next.

Where is my heart? I kept asking myself.

I have ideas for a stand-alone (not connected) single title romance, a connected three-romance series (that came out of nowhere!), and an idea for a chick lit/women's fiction novel similar to The Mommy Group.

I have been wrestling with this decision for more than a minute. Brainstorming on this one, then going back to the other idea, and then on to the next idea without any REAL focus because I simply CAN'T make up my damn mind.


I asked ............

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