February 13, 2016 @ 2:12 PM

I just sent my W-I-P (Welcome to Mistywood Lane) to my editor.

Not there yet, but I see the finish line. I have to address whatever edits she sends back my way, but ....YAY! Inching closer and closer to DONE.

She still prefers paper to a digital file. So whoop there it is: 83,388 blood, sweat, and tears words. (See photo at left.) We've worked together on six of my ten books.

Keep in mind there are different types and rounds of editing. Searching for typos, grammar/syntax, and spelling errors (copy editing or proofreading) is not the same as a story content edit, which comes first. A content edit focuses on the plot, characters, overall flow, and story structure.

I always feel excitement (and a little bit of trepidation) when I ............

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