April 30, 2016 @ 11:31 AM

To celebrate The End (completing all drafts, revisions, proofreading) I treated myself to Walmart carnations and cupcakes.

(The heroine in my latest novel titled Welcome to Mistywood Lane owns a cupcake bakery/coffee shop.) These were reasonably priced and tasted okay... for grocery store cupcakes. (Wasn't crazy about the swirly red jelly, though.  The Boy and Hubby didn't care for it, either. Too cloying. After sampling it, we ate around said jelly swirl and the rest of the cupcake was fine.

Mistywood is DONE and headed into production (read formatting). I'm one big step closer to making it available to the public. (Glitter and confetti shower!!)

As with previous long projects, there were frustrating days (writer's............

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