April 30, 2017 @ 6:59 PM

Happy Release Day to me! Yay!

He Could Be the One is out in the world, y’all!

Here's the book description again:


The Player’s Proposition…

Quinn Sommers and Lance Donovan have been hot for each other since the day they met at her sister’s back fence.

After noting his slick womanizing ways, she vowed not to become another notch on this arrogant charmer’s bedpost.

Quinn has resisted Lance for well over a year. Constant bickering—driving each other, family, and mutual friends plumb crazy— failed to quash the sexual tension crackling between them.

Lance, a master of biding his time, always gets what he wants. And he’s decided they’ve wasted too much time on nonsense. He will have Quinn, thank you very much. Now. Because she doesn’t trust him or his motives, he’ll need to get more creative.

Hoping to use her hypercompetitive nature to his advantage, Lance issues an intriguing proposal:

Lance and Quinn will “chaste date” for thirty days, just playing nice for once and getting to know one another better. All those pesky fleshly distractions can only lead to trouble, anyway. Just holding hands allowed. Oh, and wait, maybe they can slip in a loophole for a hug and a closed-mouth-above-the-neck kiss or two…or three….or…

 The first to break the rules will incur penalties.

Temptation abounds. Somebody will fail, but it’s a challenge neither can resist.

NOTE: He Could Be the One contains strong language, sexy times, and an alpha female.


Lance and Quinn were secondary characters in Welcome to Mistywood Lane. Both threatened to steal every scene in which they appeared. Of course, I had to give’ em their own story. lol

In a previous blog post--eaten due to a technical glitch-- I wrote about the idea for Quinn. She and her sisters are based on a few real people, but mostly a tomboyish, longtime friend of mine and her older sister.

She and her sister were known for their biting humor, candor, and crazy spats with each other. I have cousins, also sisters, who heavily influenced me as well.  In addition, my mom shared childhood stories about life with her two sisters.

Despite the occasional sister insanity, the love they had for each other was always apparent.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a sister. Always wanted one, but observing the above relationships over the years and listening to stories about others made wonderful grist for the story mill.

Quinn is a popular natural hair/beauty/lifestyle vlogger/blogger. I've been natural (hair free of chemical relaxers) for a while. I "transitioned" and "big chopped" in 1995, but didn't know that's what they were called. For a long while, years actually, I didn't know what the hell I was doing. I poured all sorts of (bad) sulfate shampoos and conditioners with silicones on my head.... until I stumbled across what felt like an underground world of natural-hair sisters who schooled me. Some of my earliest teachers were CurlyNikki, MahoganyCurls, KimmayTube, Afrobella, Naptural85, TheNaturalChica, Quest for the Perfect Curl, African Export, and CharyJay. Learning everything I could about natural hair became an obsession and my husband often teased me about the hours I spent reading blogs and  watching YouTube videos about it. "CurlyNikki AGAIN?" he'd say shaking his head and rolling his eyes. lol "Aren't you tired of KimmayTube?" he'd ask. "Nope!" I'd say, eyes glued to the screen. Then he started teasing me about my love for MahoganyCurls (Jessica Lewis) and her family. (Yes, I not only watch her hair videos, but I also stalk  follow her lifestyle vlogs and social media posts titled Lewis Love and Family .) Jessica and her handsome hubby are like a romance novel couple come to life, no lie. I love their backstory. And their two adorable kids... Anyway, I digress with the gushing. lol

Here's a list of some of my favorite natural hair/beauty/lifestyle bloggers/vloggers. There are several others I follow and enjoy, but this damn list was getting way too long, okay! lol

 Some have large audiences, some have more modest (but growing) audiences. All are great at what they do and have stood out (for me) in an extremely crowded field. I have posted Instagram account handles.    Check 'em all out!


MahoganyCurls (Jessica Lewis) IG MahoganyCurls

LivingWithOsa (Osa Osula) IG Living with Osa

CurlyNikki (Nikki  Walton)  IG CurlyNikki

TheNaturalChica (Dr. Maeling Murphy, Ph.D) TheNaturalChica

Afrobella (Patrice Yursik) Afrobella

KashTV (Kasheera) IG KasheeraTV

Ashkinscurls (Ashkinscurls ) IG Ashkinscurls

CurlsandaCamera(Nik G) IG CurlsandaCamera

African Export(Vanisha) IG African Export

Klassy Kinks(Ijeoma Kola) IG  Ijeoma Kola

Naptural85(Whitney White) IG Naptural85

QuestforthePerfectCurl (Elle) IG IzzynElle

OwnbyFemme(Rene Daniela) IG OwnbyFemme

 Kellee Nicole (Kellee Nicole) IG Kell_ee

KimmayTube/LuvNaturals (Kim Love) IG KimmayTube/KimLove

KinkyCurlyCoilyMe(Jenell B. Stewart) IG JenellBStewart

BWatUWant (Brit Watkins) IG BWatUWant

CharyJay(CharyJay) IG CharyJay

SunkissAlba(Alba Ramos)  IG SunkissAlba

NaturalMe4C(Crystal aka Kriss) IG NaturalMe4C

RachaelCPR (Rachael Cooper) IG RachaelCPRhair

AketaFitGirl(Aketa Thomas) IG AketaFitGirl

Jouelzy/SmartBrownGirl (Jouelzy) IG Jouelzy

HairCrush (Chime Edwards) IG ChimeEdwards

MsVaughnTV (Vaughn) IG MsVaughnTV

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MeMyGirlsAndOurNaturalCurls (Tia Kirby)  IG Tots_5678

MyCandiShoppe(Candice) IG MyCandiShoppe

Nik Scott (Nik Scott) IG INikScott

HealthyHairtoToe (HealthyHairtoToe) IG HealthyHairtoToe

THANKS FOR THE INSPIRATION, LADIES! And for helping me keep Quinn aka “Natural Wonder”real.  :)

While the Mistywood books are connected, you don’t have to read them in order and each story stands on its own.

Hope you enjoy Lance and Quinn!

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Until next time…; )