October 3, 2018 @ 9:48 AM

Blue-ing up and showing my support.
October is anti-bullying awareness month. Lion Brand Yarn launched the #hatnothate campaign in partnership with https://stompoutbullying.org/Click through for more detail.
A percentage of the proceeds from Lion Brand’s blue yarn sales (during the month of October) will go to the cause. Wear and/or post the blue hat you've knitted or crocheted to spread the word and help eradicate bullying.
Don't knit or crochet? Wear any blue hat or blue shirt/top and post on your blog or social media with the #blueup message.
Details about picture above.
Yarn: Lion Brand Jeans (in Stonewash)
Pattern: The Port Haven Beanie /designer jms.handmade (Super easy. Took about an hour to whip this up while watching TV.)
T-shirt: Entertainment Weekly magazine's DC Comics Original. (I believe this one is just for subscribers.)
When I read or hear horror stories about the bullying that goes on in schools today, I realize how blessed I was not to have experienced it as a kid.  Nor has my middle-school-age son had an issue…yet. I pray this continues.

Until next time...; )