December 10, 2018 @ 9:50 PM

Happy Holidays!
I hope you’re enjoying family and friends. Did you get any Black Friday shopping done? I’m more of a Cyber Monday person myself. I do like *some* brick-and-mortar Christmas shopping for small items, but I try to  avoid the stores' busiest shopping hours or days.
What are your favorite holiday rituals?
Most nights I can't wait to turn on the Christmas tree lights and don my holiday leggings (I hoard them) and holiday socks (hoard those, too). I'll cheat with a cup of hot chocolate loaded with marshmallows or whipped cream in a holiday mug that makes me smile. Sometimes I go for eggnog, sans the spirits. That would make me too sleepy to read a Christmas romance or watch Christmas movies. (The photo below is a collection I put together for our first big snow of  the season. Everyone else does a milk-eggs-bread run:)
I admit to catching some Hallmark Christmas movies. But I don't binge them. I might watch one or two a week. I'm glad they've added more movies with leads of color. I hope they keep it up! :)
For modern Christmas movies, I tend to prefer those that aren’t overly twee. I need a little more conflict so I don't fall sleep. lol The Holiday, The Best Man Holiday, Elf, The Family Stone, This Christmas, Bad Santa, Home Alone, and Love Actually  are just a few that make my favorites list. 
I also watch the usual childhood favorites, which include Charlie Brown, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Frosty, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. 
As a huge I Love Lucy fan, I cannot miss the colorized I Love Lucy Christmas special. 
I crochet and knit a few Christmas gifts. Yarn crafting feels especially right this time of year. :) See knitting photo,  super cozy braided cable beanie in progress.
Even with all this holiday hygge-ing and coziness going on,  I’m also making time to put the finishing (production) touches on One of a Kind Love Affair, the third novel in the Mistywood Lane series, featuring Blaire, the oldest Sommers sister.
I will make it available for sale in January or early February just in time for Valentine's Day. 
I hate 2018 will come and go without a new release of mine out there. This story was particularly challenging to write. At first, I cursed these main characters. I wished I hadn't tried to pair them. After numerous drafts, I got to know them better and things started to click for me. Now, I will say they are my favorite Mistywood Lane couple. It’s an opposites-attract story. I seriously considered putting Blaire with someone else when I was tearing my hair out. With her hero, I think it could've gone either way, but I'm glad I ultimately kept Blaire with Julian. The *other guy* has a small part in Love Affair.  
Here's the working blurb:
Truth. Blaire “House Honey” Sommers has always found Julian Phillips disarmingly handsome. Who wouldn’t? A towering, broad-shouldered specimen like him. 
Unfortunately, the man is a little too weird and quiet for Blaire’s taste. When he deigns to speak, he often takes too long to respond to simple questions. What’s up with that? Not to mention, he’s the master of the tight-lipped “struggle” smile. 
When he approaches Blaire for help finding his next home, she could palm him off on a colleague. Intense curiosity about this enigma of a man drives Blaire to keep him for herself. Just as a client. Don’t get it twisted. She’s a real estate TV star willing to give this hottie the friends-and-family treatment.
Never in his life has Julian Phillips met a woman so friggin’ chatty! But that motormouth of hers is just one feature on a gorgeous face. And those boom-boom curves… Mercy. Plenty of goodness for a man to hold on to.
Julian has observed her from a comfortable distance. He’s aware of the games this bombshell plays with men who make the mistake of falling for her. 
Still, he doesn’t have a problem seeking her professional advice, now that he’s in the market for another home and a little hot fun. A more unsuspecting dude could get snared in a honeytrap like that.
 If nothing else, Julian is careful.
NOTE: One of a Kind Love Affair contains strong language, sexy times, and bawdy humor.
Why am I adding a note or warning? I don't want readers to be disappointed because they didn't know exactly what they were getting. I don't want anyone shocked or snatched out of the story by the *occasional* four-letter word or off-color joke.
I'll probably still get some dings, but maybe I can mitigate a few with a fair warning upfront.  I believe certain dialogue and scenes were necessary to stay true to particular characters, the spirit of the story, and my writer's voice. I don't always "keep it classy,” but I keep it real. ;)
I must admit, however, I'm baffled by those folks who will eagerly devour all manner of explicit, buck "nekkid" sex scenes in books *but*  then those same folks will clutch the pearls and get all prim when it comes to curse words or potty jokes.  Different strokes. lol  
Until next time...;)