April 14, 2018 @ 9:28 PM

Didn’t want my blog to get too stale. :)
Popping in with a quick update post.
What’s up with me on the novel front?
Welp, I thought I was all set for the April release of book # 3 in The Mistywood Lane series, One of a Kind Love Affair, which features the third and oldest Sommers sister, Blaire. But revisions are taking waaaaaaay longer than I'd anticipated.  I had to go back to the drawing board quite a few times. 
As I mentioned in a previous post, these characters have been KICKING MY A#$. It’s not Blaire at this point. Now Julian is cutting the damn fool. They’re tag teaming me, obvs. lol
Every time I think I have a handle on these two, that annoying little voice in my head whispers, “not quite” or “not yet.” So, I continue tweaking and reworking some things. 
I must admit, though my publishing schedule for 2018 is shot to hell, I’m sorta glad I paused or held back.
Not that I’ve ever rushed anything to market *just* to have something new out there. 
Anyhoo, I needed some time to let the story rest, air out, if you will, before returning to it. When I reread it during what was SUPPOSED to be a “final” pass, I saw several things differently, meaning they no longer worked for me.
Though it’s taking extra time to complete this one, my hope is my most recent changes have made the story better. (Fingers crossed.)
My novels aren’t plot-driven, as you probably already know if you’ve read them. For me, characterization is EVERYTHING. Until that little voice in my head says, “Now. You’ve nailed that lead character.” I can’t let him or her go.
I’m not fast or prolific, but I will always try to give what I believe is my best.  I hope the wait will be worth it for readers who have enjoyed my work, particularly the Mistywood Lane series.
Random: I found those little zipper pouches (in the photo above) at Michaels for about a buck a piece. Aren’t they cute? When I’m out and about, I usually make pit stops at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or JoAnne’s Fabrics. You will find me in the yarn or stickers/planners/notebooks/paper aisles. #craftywriter #craftymama #craftingastherapy #stressbuster #crocheter/knitter #paperplannernerd
Until next time…. ;)