February 12, 2019 @ 5:10 AM

Happy Release Day to Me!
One of a Kind Love Affair, the third book in my Mistywood Lane series, is available on Amazon.com just in time for Valentine's Day.
Sorry, it  took me a while to get it together. I had the WORST bouts of writer's block with this one. I've mentioned it in several posts. Now that's it's done... Whew! Still on cloud nine as I let it sink in.   I hope you enjoy it. (Fingers are crossed.)
Here's the blurb in case you missed it in a previous post.  
Truth. Blaire “House Honey” Sommers has always found Julian Phillips disarmingly handsome. Who wouldn’t? A towering, broad-shouldered specimen like him. 
Unfortunately, the man is a little too weird and quiet for Blaire’s taste. When he deigns to speak, he often takes too long to respond to simple questions. What’s up with that? Not to mention, he’s the master of the tight-lipped “struggle” smile. 
When he approaches Blaire for help finding his next home, she could palm him off on a colleague. Intense curiosity about this enigma of a man drives Blaire to keep him for herself. Just as a client. Don’t get it twisted. She’s a real estate TV star open to give this hottie the friends-and-family treatment.
Never in his life has Julian Phillips met a woman so friggin’ chatty! But that motormouth of hers is just one feature on a gorgeous face. And those boom-boom curves… Mercy! Plenty of goodness for a man to hold on to.
Julian has observed her from a comfortable distance. He’s aware of the games this bombshell plays with men who make the mistake of falling for her. 
Still, he doesn’t have a problem seeking her professional advice, now that he’s in the market for another home and a little hot fun. A more unsuspecting dude could get snared in a honeytrap like that.
 If nothing else, Julian is careful.
NOTE: One of a Kind Love Affair contains strong language and sexy times.
Note: For those readers who prefer paper, the print edition will drop soon.  UPDATE: The trade paperback is available.
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