November 3, 2020 @ 8:11 AM

Did you vote today?
I did weeks ago. I received my absentee ballot Sept. 11, 2020, filled out that sucker, and took it right back to the post office, all in an hour! I ain’t playing, okay? 
What I’m reading: Rereading the classic The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. I’m also listening to the audio version while driving. Just a refresher. I needed it. I’ve been a planner for a while. A Franklin had been my go-to since my reporter days, but Erin Condren and “pretty planning” was my jam for about five years.  In 2020, I returned to my roots and did more "functional planning" with Franklin and very few stickers. :D
For 2021, I will continue using Franklin pages. Will switch it up each month with Franklin ring binders, Eira (gray) and Anna (sailor blue leather) in classic size.
What I’m watching: The Bachelorette, of course! I’ve been a fan of The Bachelor/Bachelorette since the beginning. I’ve never missed a cycle. Yes, I know it’s a dumb, often politically  incorrect, reality show. But hey, guilty pleasure, okay?  Just when I thought this series couldn’t get any wackier, the Clare and #DaleDaleDale situation is pass-the-popcorn TV.  When you’re sniffing a dude's pants, you know you have it bad. lol I wish the happy couple all the best.
As Dale and Clare ride off into the sunset...Jan. 22, 2021 We interrupt this sentence with an update: Dale and Clare broke up. (Less than six months later.) Details read really MESSY. I have some thoughts. Lots of them actually, but out of respect for Clare and her situation regarding her mother, I won't pile on. Feel sad for her. :( 
Tayshia took over Clare's season, according to Bachelor Nation scuttlebutt.  Tayshia will be our second Bachelorette of color. (Rachel Lindsay was the first lead of color for the franchise.) This move took way too long. Update Feb. 10, 2021: Tayshia is happily engaged to Zac.
 The Bachelor has also tapped its first male lead of color, Matt James. They’re shooting his cycle now. Based on reports, it’ll air in January 2021. I can’t wait! But truth, I’m not sure Matt’s romance can compete with his cute bromance. (See photo of the pair above.) Matt and his bestie/roommate, Tyler,  playfully refer to themselves as MYLER.(Tyler was a fan favorite and 1st runner-up on Hannah Brown’s Bachelorette’s cycle.)  Both guys are charming and seem to have a lot of fun.  But not sure Matt’s choice can compete with MYLER. I'm thinking third wheel, but we’ll see. lol The Bachelorette leads have a better track record with their final picks. What’s a good track record in my view? Over the years, I’ve lowered the bar significantly. They don’t need to make it to the altar, just DATE for at least two years. Damn! That’s when the female gets to keep her Neil Lane rock. If the couple breaks up before that, the ring must be returned.
Keeping hope alive we will have a Bachelor success story here. Matt seems like such  a nice guy. I'm impressed by his charity work. Easy on the eyes, too. Maybe he and the woman who gets his final rose will last two years. (Fingers crossed.)
Update Feb. 10, 2021: Not liking Matt as much as the season rolls along. I wouldn't say I dislike him. Kinda meh. Before he even met his cast, he had to give a preemptive speech about not wanting to make people angry. NO OTHER Bachelor lead has felt the need to say something like this. Many black women read between the lines. 
Yarny Things: Just completed the Legato Beanie (knit pattern by the talented Lanre of LA Knits Apparel.) If you’re a knitter, check out her Ravelry or Etsy shop. 
Lanre's a relative design newbie, but she's already one of my top favorites for knit hats. I love cables. She put a fresh  *twist* on hers. Here, I used Lion Brand’s Color Made Easy (in Shade). I forgot where I purchased this pom-pom, but I’m thinking it was Jo-Ann Fabrics.
I used the same yarn for the crocheted blanket posted above. You can't beat this yarn's stitch definition. For a better view of that circular crochet blanket, check out my Stitch Away Stress blog post. I haven't finished it yet. It's HUGE!!! lol Pattern: Celtic Gansey Afghan by Lena Skvagerson for Annie's Signature Designs.
Stay safe! :)