February 13, 2021 @ 8:23 AM

It's the perfect time to post one of my favorite new-ish T-shirts by Blk & Bkish merch https://blknbkish-2.myteespring.co/
Received my roses from Hubs a few days early. (Thanks, sweetie!)
What I’m watching, or rather, watched: I checked out Netflix’s much-buzzed-about Bridgerton.  The series is based on the popular books by bestselling romance author Julia Quinn. For years I’ve heard of her in Romance Writers of America circles. I even remember when her sister was *the* hot romance author website designer. But I’ve never read Julia or any Regency authors. The only historical romances I’ve been drawn to are by Beverly Jenkins. (See my Beverly Jenkins & Me post.) 
A fun, fizzy feast is how I would describe Bridgerton , the TV series. The diverse cast is a definite plus. Kudos to Shonda Rhimes! You go girl, thinking outside the box for this time period. Can't wait for the second season.
Also, still tuning in to The Bachelor.  Unlike the most recent leads, Matt James had never appeared on the show before. He was a friend of the show. Or rather a friend of a Bachelor Nation favorite, Tyler Cameron, first runner-up from Hannah Brown's cycle of The Bachelorette. We got to "know" Matt through Tyler's Instagram because they are roommate besties. 
I have to tell ya, Matt is waaay more lively and interesting on Instagram and TikTok accounts. lol
Most of the time he seems kinda bored on the show. Waiting for him to check his watch. However, I will note he comes alive, loosens up, on his dates with Michelle Young.  Love!! Michelle is a grade school teacher.  During "hometowns" Matt met some her students via Zoom. We were also introduced to her lovable parents.  Realllllly want Matt and Michelle to end up together. Perfect romance novel couple. "We'd breed well," is what Michelle said teasingly when she met him. He cracked up. Their banter, playful interactions, and chemistry had this romance writer sighing. Doesn't he look like the perfect romance novel hero? I'd love to have a cover like this.  If Matt and Michelle aren't together, she's my pick to be the next Bachelorette lead. If she's not offered the gig, then I'd like Bri or Abigail. Frankly, I'm fine with any BIPOC cast member. The show still has much work to do on the diversity front.
What I'm reading:  Finally got around to one of the buzziest romances of 2019. Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert. Enjoying so far. Very cute!
Yarny WIPs- Haven't cast on anything new to knit. But I crocheted a Valentine's Day-themed  cowl.
 (It's finished, but posting an in-progress photo.)
I have two stacks of Traveling Afghan (knit and crochet) squares to join. They're from a Lion Brand Yarn stitch-along I participated in last year. One knit afghan square is featured in the book pic (above). 
For more on the Lion Brand Yarn Traveling Afghans Knit and Crochet 2020  Stitch-along visit Two of Wands site. (Link below) All pattern squares are free.
There’s a new Traveling Afghan stitch-along for 2021. (I haven't decided if I’ll do this one.) For more information, check out:
I get so much joy and relaxation out of crocheting and knitting, I'm always trying to recruit others. For those interested in exploring knit and/or crochet, see my Stitch Away Stress blog post. I have recommended resources for absolute beginners to get started.
Until next time...;)