March 20, 2021 @ 10:04 AM

While on a walk in my neighborhood, I snapped these awesome flowers. No green thumbs in this house, so I have to admire other people's flora. We have low-maintenance Knockout rose bushes, but the blooms haven't reappeared yet. Praying they will survive "the pruning" Hubs did a few months ago. Not sure he used the right tool. (???) After inspecting his handiwork, I asked if he'd used a hacksaw. Taking umbrage, he insisted the job was done with clippers. Um, if you say so.... : D

We're all looking forward to things getting closer to “normal” now that vaccine distribution is ramping up. I have a list of places I plan to visit as soon as my town is safer. My favorite little indie yarn shop, Michaels, JoAnn...

Book: Due to the insanity in today’s politics, Hubs suggested I give this one a try for some insight. A little light reading. Not. But it was short and fascinating.


Yarny Update: I’ve been on a serious sock-knitting kick lately. Now that I’ve learned the basics of  knitting "top-down" (cuff first) “vanilla” (plain stitch-wise) socks three ways, I only want to knit socks, socks, and more socks. I usually have no less than three pairs in progress. (Photo left-- Using two 9-inch circulars and Knit Picks Felici in Chelsea colorway.) The other two methods I'm using are the Magic Loop (with a 36-inch circular needle) and  5 double-pointed bamboo needles.

My most recent library borrows at right.  Yup. OBSESSED! lol 

Until next time… :D