May 17, 2021 @ 8:45 PM

I was so excited to see Beverly Jenkins on the cover of Writer's Digest  (Sept./Oct. 2020).  She’s a superstar in the genre and one of the nicest authors.
 I chuckle when I think back to my plot to meet her. I'd discovered we were relocating to a suburb of Detroit. Knowing she lived in the area was a plus.  I got on my husband’s nerves.
Me: ”You know, Beverly Jenkins lives close by.”
“Somebody told me Beverly Jenkins comes here.” (random locations)
“I saw her (hindsight, possibly just her doppelganger) leaving Panera.”
“Beverly Jenkins this.”
“Beverly Jenkins that.” 
Does that sound stalker-ish?  lol 
When that Writer's Digest arrived in the mail, I asked Hubs if he remembered how I drove him plumb crazy yapping about Beverly Jenkins, Beverly Jenkins,  Beverly Jenkins, Beverly Jenkins all the time.
Hubs: Yup! How could I forget? lol
Indigo was my first BJ read. Hooked, I  immediately purchased everything she’d written. 
 I knew she would have book signings somewhere in the Detroit area, and I stayed on top of that.  When she appeared at the Borders Books (memba them?)  near my home, I was there early. 
As she signed books for me, oh, how I cheesed. I mentioned I wrote romance, too. She asked if I was published. I told her I was with St. Martin’s Press, but a relative newbie, of course. 
She smiled, congratulated me, and then did something unexpected; she introduced me to her readers and told them to check out my book.
Before I left, she invited me to her Pajama Party event. Not just as a reader/fan, but as a guest author on a Q &A  panel with a book signing.  A panel event for Beverly Jenkins! OMG! This fangirl will never forget her generosity.  
My family has since moved south. The last time I saw her in person was at a Romance Writers of America national conference. I’ve attended a few (New York, New Orleans, Atlanta, Denver…), but I think this pic was snapped in Dallas. If so, it was  RWA 2004.  Photo was taken at a fun lunch, hosted by Monique Patterson, St. Martin's Press editor. (In pic, Beverly Jenkins, Monique Patterson; *standing* Tamera Sneed ( buddy/conference roommate/fellow SMP romance author); and Felicia Mason (Kensington/ SMP author-- Della's House of Style).
 While I flipped through conference images for this post, I realized I was so friggin' starstruck when I snapped pictures (before camera phones), I didn’t get a single shot of myself with Beverly Jenkins. Duh! Bummer.
Of course, she's still an auto-buy author. No stalking, but I enjoy her hilarious tweets.