May 17, 2021 @ 9:02 PM

Color me surprised when my former editor at St. Martin’s Press reached out and told me they were rereleasing If You Just Say Yes as a trade paperback with a fresh cover.

The first version was published years ago as a mass market paperback. It had an illustrated cover with shades of purple and pink. Back then illustrated covers were all the rage for romance. And the trend has returned in a BIG way in romance. 

Oh, by the way, I was a phenom, writing If You Just Say Yes at ten years old. ; )

It’s been a while, so I had to read again to refresh my memory. Here’s the blurb:

When two journalists collide in the middle of a scandal, so does love and trouble-with a capital T.


Manhattan journalist Michelle Michaels just can't seem to get a break when she finds herself the subject of false rumors. Now she's being blindsided by her own boss. Wrongly suspecting her of trading sex for scoops, he's caved in to the shady newsroom gossip and sent Michelle quietly packing on a leave of absence to her hometown of Detroit where some family secrets still lurk. With a career on the DL and a love life at low-ebb, Michelle's hit rock bottom-until she meets dark, dimpled, and delicious Wesley Abbott...


Detroit reporter Wesley Abbott's plate is full investigating a corrupt local judge. Now he's got something else to investigate-and she's the sweetest thing to sashay into the Herald in years. But Michelle and Wesley have more in common than they ever imagined, and it's not just mellow vibes. In fact, it's a scandal! And when these two bodies bump, so does trouble...


I’ll always be grateful for my first big publishing break. I call it the *big* break because before I sold It’s a Love Thang (retitled The Flirtationship as an indie rerelease), What a Girl Wants, If You Just Say Yes, and Wanna Get to Know Ya to St. Martin’s, I wrote three stories for a much smaller publishing house (the now-defunct Genesis Press.)

 Note, this novel hasn’t been revised so there’s a pager or two, VCRs, answering machines, slot machines that drop coins, and reporters looking for phone lines to transmit stories to the news desk. LOL.


And it’s not as sexy as my most recent indie work, particularly The Mistywood Lane series. 

I learned a lot from my SMP editor.  With a chuckle, I recall her nudges to add "more heat."

No nudges required now. Wink. Wink. lol

I think you can still tell it’s my voice in this one, especially the quirky bits.

Quirky Bit #1: The heroine is obsessed with a soap opera titled If Tomorrow Never Comes, and its heroine Bliss Worthington, modeled after Erica Kane. (Memba her?)

I had fun revisiting Wesley and Michelle. I hope you will enjoy them, too.

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