August 10, 2021 @ 10:43 AM

Can you believe it’s August? Summer is winding down quickly, but I’m looking forward to fall, my favorite season. 
 I love everything about it –the leaves changing, sweaters, sunny days with cooler temps, and yes, more pumpkin spice!
It gets dang hot in these parts. If we could have fall all year long I would be perfectly happy.
The  ebook version of Hooked On You -Mistywood Lane Book 4 made its debut a little over a month ago. If you've already purchased and read your copy, don't forget to rate on the platform of your choice.
The print edition of Hooked On You  is available for those who prefer to hold an actual book in their hands. I’m one of those people. Don’t get me wrong, I buy and read lots of ebooks, but trade paperbacks are still my preference. I like audio books for nonfiction, but  I listen to them only while driving. 
Speaking of print editions, St. Martin’s Press just rereleased  If You Just Say Yes in trade paperback. It’s one of my backlist romance novels, first published as mass market paperback with an illustrated cover a while ago. (See photo below) Love the fresh look in my preferred format. I was shopping  in Walmart the other day, and I spotted copies on the bookshelf there. So cool!  
 I've been in this business a loooong time,  starting in traditional publishing before going indie. Not impossible, but kinda hard  to get indie books in brick and mortar stores. Most are sold on Amazon and other online vendors. I have to admit that little thrill of seeing print copies of your work on a shelf at a national chain never gets old. So of course,  I had to purchase a couple of copies and whip out my phone to take a picture of that Walmart shelf. lol 
For more info about If You Just Say Yes check out my previous (May) rerelease post.