September 18, 2021 @ 2:09 PM

Borrowed the title of this post from one of my notebooks.
This is how I try to start each morning.  I slip here and there, but my daily habit of journaling helps. My track record is decent. :)  Can't recommend the practice enough. It also keeps the focus on  blessings and what's truly important, especially when tested.  
TV: Psyched for Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette. Based on her edit, I believe she’s not there for the  clou-Tee, as Natasha from the most recent cycle of Bachelor in Paradise referred to it. 
Update posted Oct. 3rd: I'm making myself  sorta scarce on certain social media and websites due to the abundance of spoilers. Geez! For example, I already know the identity of the *next* Bachelor, who happens to make Michelle's top seven. Now, when I watch their interactions and dates, I know it doesn't lead  anywhere. I'd prefer not to have this info before their first meeting airs. Anyhoo, moving right along.
Her “Bounce Back”  (Little Mix/Soul II Soul song) intro was FAB--with all the flowers ---and even some special effectsSo that's where Katie Thurston's promo dollars went.
 Katie was the  previous Bachelorette. They scrimped on her season, all around imho. The lack of international travel was due to Covid restrictions. (Matt's season was also low-budget looking due to this.)
Poor, Katie. But wait, she got a nice rock and a handsome fiance out of her deal. I'm sure she's not too bothered by Michelle's flashier intro.  (Update Oct. 25, 2021: I just heard  Katie and Blake broke up. Dang! I assumed they'd last at least a year.
Update Nov. 26, 2021 :  Katie is dating John Hersey, one of the suitors she let go early in her season! LOL  Never a dull moment in Bachelor Nation. )
 Michelle's promo is one of the best I’ve seen for the franchise, and I've been watching since the beginning. 
 October 19 her journey debuts. I'm already planning an Oscar-night-style snack tray. I haven’t seen the special Bachelorette vino on store shelves in a while. I wonder if they still sell it. Must Google. 
Also, looking forward to checking out Our Kind of People which debuts Sept. 21 (Tuesday) on Fox, starring YaYa DeCosta and Morris Chestnut.
Writer and executive producer Karin Gist (Mixed-ish, Grey's Anatomy, and Revenge) was inspired by Our Kind of People 
- Inside America’s Black Upper Class  by Lawrence Otis Graham. I read this nonfiction book years ago.  I still have my copy. (pic left) There's a lot of juicy material here. 
Lee Daniels (Empire and Star) is also an executive producer.  Here's what I know so far.
The setting is Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard, where the rich and powerful black folks play. YaYa is Angela Vaughn, a single mom and natural hair care line entrepreneur, who arrives to "secure the crown" and level up her small business.
Soapy drama, dark secrets, hidden agendas, and sexy times ensue. Shoot! They had me at Morris, YaYa, and natural hair care line.  lol This also sounds worthy of a wine-and-special-snacks tray. :D