January 9, 2022 @ 8:57 AM


Hooked On You has a new look.
It debuted in June 2021 with a cover similar to the other books in the Mistywood Lane series, but the plan had been to switch it up after a few months.The time has come. 
How cute is this one? Leni Kaufmann did a fantastic job.
Cupcake and Twinkle!
 I consider Hooked On You a milestone novel. I thought it deserved  an extra special cover. ; D 
I'm reposting a link to the book's first official review/rating by Romance in Color.
But first, Hooked On You at-a-glance:
Childhood Besties to Adult Lovers
Soul Mates
Slow Burn to Five-Alarm Fire
Cock-blocking Cats/   Cupcake and Twinkle!  
Fun playlist
Link to Romance In Color
Mistywood Lane neighbors Preston Holmes and Zoe Rollins have been besties since the epitome of friendship meant sharing your Pokéman bubblegum cards. 


Now Zoe, crochet designer/owner of Hot Off the Hook/yoga instructor, is engaged to school teacher/up-and-coming assemblage artist Dante Gregory. 

Bucking the norm has been her style, so of course, she sidesteps a traditional wedding party.  Dante will have his best man while Zoe taps Preston as her all-purpose “best dude.”
Preston plans to suck it up and rise to the challenge. However, there’s a hitch. Her “brother from another mother” has caught feelings complicating the plan. He’s torn between his growing physical attraction to Zoe and the need to do what’s right — leaving his bestie to a man who promises to deliver her happily ever after.
Playa-Playa Preston is unwilling to torpedo a decades-long friendship to scratch a pesky itch. 
 So he’s made a tough decision and aims to follow through, giving his opinions on cupcakes, flower arrangements, do-it-yourself invitations, and dollar store wedding gowns.
 And where there’s smoke, there’s “Hellfire.”
Preston’s determined to crush his tasks, but is he the best dude in more ways than one?