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Reon Laudat

 First things first. My name is pronounced Ree-on LOW-dah. (Reon rhymes with neon.) A pen name would've made my writing life much easier. ;P


I'm a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism. (Go, Tigers! Proud Mizzou alumna.) I've worked as a features and lifestyle staff reporter at three newspapers. Regular beats included pop culture, fitness, TV, and fashion.When I'm not reading or writing, I enjoy running/walking/weight training. I'm a wife, mom, and cat whisperer. Cats are often secondary characters in my novels.  

Leave an email address for updates.I'm obsessed with all things related to crocheting and knitting. See hats I made for the Lion Brand  Yarn Hat Not Hate anti-bullying campaign. (crochet beanies on top, knit cable beanies on bottom).  For more information on Hat Not Hate and joining the blue army, please visit. http://hatnothate.org  Below are just two more of my favorite makes. (Mosaic crochet blanket and hand-knitted socks.) To reach out by email, it's my name at yahoo.com