Reon Laudat

My name is pronounced Ree-on LOW-dah. Reon rhymes with neon-- NOT Simone. (Sorry, lifetime pet peeve. lol.) I'm a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism. I've worked as a features and lifestyle staff reporter at three newspapers. Regular beats included television, pop culture, fitness, food, and fashion. The Gannett and Scripps Howard wire services distributed my work to newspapers across the country. Check out the "My Books" page for more information on my available titles. I'm a wife. Yes, married my own romance novel hero. I'm the mother of the funniest boy. Did I mention I'm the BIGGEST pop culture junkie and TV/movie buff? And a cat whisperer. (Shout-out to my two fur babies.)

 I do yarn crafting (knitting and crocheting) when I can squeeze it in. You can reach out at