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Reon Laudat

Praise for the backlist (older traditionally published books):


 What a Girl Wants

  •  "Ms. Laudat has found an interesting balance of comedy and drama that works well and is sure to please all of her fans."  --Romance In Color      
  •   "Laudat has a breezy style, creating a smart, sizzling, fast-paced romance readers will take to heart." 4 Hearts! Excellent!—The Oakland Press       
  •   "Ava and Harper's rediscovery of each other makes for a bright and sassy story that feels -- well, like home." –Detroit Free Press
  •      "This engaging contemporary romance stars two deeply drawn lead protagonists ....The story line moves rapidly whether the scene invokes humor or angst due to the deep cast starting with Ava and Harper. They are heavenly supported by a strong secondary cast. Reon Laudat provides a delightful tale that answers what a reader wants."—The Best Reviews       
  •      "Author Reon Laudat delighted fans with It's A Love Thang, returns to show exactly What A Girl Wants.... Laudat adds a charming and captivating element with her delightful characters who lend the novel a remarkable freshness.... This fast-paced romance will appeal to all lovers of romantic comedy. Feisty! Highly recommended."-- Midwest Book Review and  Wordweaving.com        
  •         "Fun and bouncy...Not everyone can write decent romantic comedy that doesn't rely on the heroine behaving stupidly or without secondary characters who act abrasive, but Ms. Laudat has no problems excelling in that area....A charming little book starring two very likeable characters who make everything in their story work very well." Mrs. Giggles Romance Novel Central        
  •       "Reon Laudat has written a beautiful, funny and complex little novel..There is passion aplenty as well as some very romantic scenes...This book is about love and honesty and manages to convey both in a manner that is extremely touching as well as greatly entertaining." A Romance Review        
  •        "Very touching. This story is by turns tender, funny and very sexy. Ms. Laudat does a wonderful job... Blue Ribbon Rating: 4” Romance Junkies  


The Flirtationship (formerly titled It's a Love Thang)

  • "Fresh...funny...charming." --  Detroit Free Press

  • "One of the finest contemporaries I've read all year. The smile and warm feelings I get from this book are reasons enough for me to give it two thumbs up. (It has) really likeable, adorable characters." --Mrs.Giggles.com Romance Novel Central

  • "Great plot and well-developed main characters. I loved the many humorous sections. They made for grand reading. Definitely recommended!" --Huntressreviews.com

  • A funny, well-written romp that is sure to delight. (The Flirtationship) is a blast. --Romantic Times magazine.

  • "The goings-on would be absurd in a straightforward contemporary novel, but they suit this romantic comedy well enough. Fans of romantic comedy will enjoy. Fun book...The main characters are pretty fabulous." ---All About Romance

  • "A wild, roller-coaster ride...The competition is fierce, surpassed only by their sizzling chemistry...A delightful romp...Highly recommended. --Cindy Penn of Wordweaving.com and Midwest Book Reviews

  • "A fast-paced, high-energy adventure. (The hero and heroine) are a likeable pair readers will warm to." --The Oakland Press

  • "Cute...Enjoyable." --RAWSISTAZ

  • "What makes this tale work is that different types of humor are employed from the subtle Benny-Carson looks to outright slapstick." --thebestreviews.com


  • "This book got off to a fast start and kept up a merry pace throughout. The hero and heroine are both very engaging, the romance passionate, and the story delightfully funny. If you like romantic comedy, you'll be thrilled with this new gem to add to your collection." --An Amazon Vine Voice Top Reviewer


If You Just Say Yes

  •      "Romance is universal and this marvelous novel is sure to appeal to all readers who appreciate a well-written contemporary story. I know I will be looking forward to more sassy, breezy books by Ms. Laudat." --A Romance Review         
  •     "A powerful story, sure to capture your heart. If You Just Say Yes grabs a hold of you and doesn't let go until the very end. The characters are so real you just want to reach out and hug them. I was even able to feel their emotions as  I read the pages." --Romance Junkies
  •      "If  You Just Say Yes is another one of Ms. Laudat's fun and enjoyable stories. The plot and the characters are both charming and bright. ..A very pleasurable read...Ms. Laudat, keep up the good work!" --Romance In Color        
  •       "If You Just Say Yes is a nicely written romance with a twist of mystery. Laudat gave Michelle and Wesley the perfect balance of tension and sexual energy. The subplots gave the characters definition and tied together well to round out the storyline. I love a romance with a little something extra on the side." Score: 5 out of 5 Rawsistaz Reviewers        
  •      "The match-up between the lead characters is terrific... Readers will say 'yes' to Reon Laudat's quality romance." --The Best Reviews        
  •        "This book has all of the elements- a charming, handsome hero; a beautiful, smart heroine; loving family, good romance and a nice little side plot about a crooked legal system. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this book and will be searching for more of Ms. Laudat's titles very soon." Kristal Gorman of  Romance Reader at Heart         
  •        "Ms. Laudat has always been good at portraying relationships where the hero and heroine cooperate toward a common goal...Here she is at the top of her game. Michelle and Wesley come off as well-written characters confronting realistic issues in a credible manner when their personal and private lives clash...This book has me saying for the third time to Ms. Laudat, 'Yes!' " Mrs.Giggles.com Romance Novel Central         
  •        "Ms. Laudat has created two very real characters that seem to jump off the page." -Fallen Angel Reviews