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Hooked On You (Mistywood Lane Book 4)



 Mistywood Lane neighbors Preston Holmes and Zoe Rollins have been besties since the epitome of friendship meant sharing your Pokéman bubblegum cards. 

Now Zoe, crochet designer/owner of Hot Off the Hook/yoga instructor, is engaged to school teacher/up-and-coming assemblage artist Dante Gregory. 

Bucking the norm has been her style, so of course, she sidesteps a traditional wedding party.  Dante will have his best man while Zoe taps Preston as her all-purpose “best dude.”
 Preston plans to suck it up and rise to the challenge. However, there’s a hitch. Her “brother from another mother” has caught feelings complicating the plan. He’s torn between his growing physical attraction to Zoe and the need to do what’s right — leaving his bestie to a man who promises to deliver her happily ever after.
Playa-Playa Preston is unwilling to torpedo a decades-long friendship to scratch a pesky itch. 
So he’s made a tough decision and aims to follow through, giving his opinions on cupcakes, flower arrangements, do-it-yourself invitations, and dollar store wedding gowns.
And where there’s smoke, there’s “Hellfire.”
Preston’s determined to crush his tasks, but is he the best dude in more ways than one?


One of a Kind Love Affair (Mistywood Lane Book 3)



Truth. Blaire “House Honey” Sommers has always found Julian Phillips disarmingly handsome. Who wouldn’t? A towering, broad-shouldered specimen like him. 
Unfortunately, the man is a little too weird and  quiet for Blaire’s taste. When he deigns to speak, he often takes too long to respond to simple questions. What’s up with that? Not to mention, he’s the master of the tight-lipped “struggle” smile. 
When he approaches Blaire for help finding his next home, she could palm him off on a colleague. Intense curiosity about this enigma of a man drives Blaire to keep him for herself. Just as a client. Don’t get it twisted. She’s a real estate TV star willing to give this hottie the friends-and-family treatment.
Never in his life has Julian Phillips met a woman so friggin’ chatty! But that motormouth of hers is just one feature on a gorgeous face. And those boom-boom curves… Mercy! Plenty of goodness for a man to hold on to.
Julian has observed her from a comfortable distance. He’s aware of the games this bombshell plays with men who make the mistake of falling for her. 
Still, he doesn’t have a problem seeking her professional advice, now that he’s in the market for another home and a little hot fun. A more unsuspecting dude could get snared in a honeytrap like that. If nothing else, Julian is careful.


"Entertaining, witty, and sexy"-- Romance in Color on He Could Be the One


He Could Be the One (Mistywood Lane Book 2)


The Player’s Proposition…

Quinn Sommers and Lance Donovan have been hot for each other since the day they met at her sister’s back fence.

After witnessing his slick womanizing ways, she vowed not to become another notch on this arrogant charmer’s bedpost.

Quinn has resisted Lance for well over a year. Constant bickering—driving each other, family, and mutual friends plumb crazy— failed to quash the sexual tension crackling between them.

Lance, a master of biding his time, always gets what he wants. And he’s decided they’ve wasted far too much time on nonsense. He will have Quinn, thank you very much. Now. Because she doesn’t trust him or his motives, he’ll need to get more creative.

Hoping to use her hypercompetitive nature to his advantage, Lance issues an intriguing proposal:

Lance and Quinn will “chaste date” for thirty days, just playing nice for once and getting to know one another better. All those pesky fleshly distractions can only lead to trouble, anyway. Just holding hands allowed. Oh, and wait, maybe they will slip in a loophole for a hug and a closed-mouth-above-the-neck kiss or two…or three….or…

 The first to break the rules will incur penalties.

Temptation abounds. Somebody will fail, but it’s a challenge neither can resist.

NOTE: He Could Be the One contains strong language, sexy times, and an alpha female.



"Delightful...Witty...Satisfying...Sizzling"--Romance in Color on Welcome to Mistywood Lane


Welcome to Mistywood Lane (Mistywood Lane Book 1)




Plan A: Get engaged by year’s end. Book ballroom at the Whittington Hotel for dream wedding and reception.

Cupcake baker Reese Sommers thinks she’s met Mr. Right, but the night he's supposed to pop the question, his enraged fiancée crashes their candlelit dinner.

Plan B:  Take time to heal broken heart. No men! Focus on family, friends, feline, finances, and franchises. Take the Sweet Spot Bakery-Coffee Shop to next level.

The next day an incredibly handsome and charming stranger moves to Mistywood Lane. Gabriel Cameron buys the house next door to Reese. Their sizzling chemistry requires revising her list.

Plan C: Family, friends, feline, finances, franchises...and a fling. Hmmm, a little no-strings fun with Mr. Right Next Door? Just the sweet distraction needed. No falling in love, only "in like."

But no matter what plans get hatched, life happens. Gabriel has a plan D. Will Reese take another chance on happily ever after and open her heart?




"Fun and bouncy...A charming little book starring two very likeable characters who make everything in their story work very well." --Mrs. Giggles/ Romance Novel Central  on What a Girl Wants 


What a Girl Wants


Fresh off a broken engagement, Harper Reynolds has decided he can live without women, including his former friend Ava Daniels. But when his aunt passes away, she leaves her beautiful Victorian home to Ava and Harper. Inconvenient circumstances force the pair to share the place.

Harper is wowed when he sees the woman Ava has become. What the heck happened to that skinny nerd who had a monster-size crush on him? She’s a hottie with a boom-boom body. Trouble.

Ava, who thinks she's finally overcome her crush on Harper, is hurled back to square one. He’s even more handsome than she remembered. Trouble.


Harper’s matchmaking aunt always hinted that grown-up Ava and Harper belonged together. Both begged to differ.

Living together makes their plan to keep things strictly business darn near impossible.

Who will fold and turn up the heat first? 


"Fresh...funny...charming." -- Detroit Free Press on The Flirtationship

The Flirtationship (Formerly titled It's a Love Thang)


Two determined reporters.Plus one big exclusive.Equals a sizzling attraction.

Mitch Malone is used to getting any woman he wants, but he only does what he refers to as “flirtationships.” No strings for him. He likes his playmates hot, wild, and willing, but then he meets Jaimie MacKenzie—cool, uppity, and reluctant. Look up not-his-type in the dictionary, and there’s a picture of Jaimie wearing an ill-fitting suit and stuffing her face with a stack of snack cakes.

Jaimie finds a towel-clad Mitch “rude, crude, and lewd.” But he’s only out-of-covers because he’s undercover at a nudist camp for a big scoop, the same one Jaimie aims to land. An exclusive with the eccentric multimillionaire known as "the Ice Cream King" and a coveted reporting gig are the big prizes. Both are determined to win, but fate keeps throwing these heated rivals together in one outrageous situation after another. Hold on tight.
When the (over-the-top) games begin, the sparks fly! But can a madcap romp lead to mad love?



"Fun...Engaging...Hip Bridget Jones vibe"-- USA Today's Happily Ever After blog on Just  Her Type  


Just Her Type

(chick lit about two publishing professionals -- heavy on the publishing insider stuff lol--with a side order of romance)

      One woman’s quest for Mr. Right, the Great American novel, and the perfect knit stitch
     When literary agent Kendra Porter loses her heart, she has a tendency to lose her head. She’s impulsively accepted three bended-knee marriage proposals. But this flighty fiancée has never made it to the altar. Her MO is to return the rings with heart-rending breakup speeches. No more! For long-term relationship success, she adopts a more pragmatic approach to dating in hopes of clicking with a different type of guy.
     Rival literary agent Dominic Tobias is a sexy, charming, hipster sort, in other words, Kendra’s usual type to a tee. While he induces the best kind of tingles, he also triggers her flight response.
     The last few women Dominic pursued banished him to that guy purgatory of no return– the Friend Zone. His laid-back, no-pressure courting style has been lousy for his love life as of late. With Kendra, he tries the opposite approach—a full-court-press strategy.
     A fierce pull draws Kendra to Dominic, but she can’t fight unnerving déjà vu when he gets too close.
      Will they prevail over the “cute couple” curse, spooky synchronicity, suspicions of client poaching, and double-wide competitive streaks to achieve their happily ever after?
    Can Kendra conquer her fear and trust off-the-charts chemistry one more time? Does  Dominic want to win Kendra’s heart? Or does he just want to win?


The Mommy Group

(chick lit/ mom lit)

                                                                                                                                                                     By turns sassy, honest, and heartfelt, The Mommy Group explores the lives of four women coping with the complexities of love, friendship, finances, and motherhood. Nicole is fighting her attraction to the married father of her child. Courtney needs to tell her husband that their savings have dwindled due to her lavish spending. And there's the hot ex, who wants her back in his bed. Penny-pinching workaholic Taryn must fend off the rival gunning for the same promotion. Jessica is elated with her first pregnancy until she receives shocking news challenging long-held beliefs. "Real Housewives," make way for The Mommy Group.






The following are covers from what I call my WAAAAY backlist. These books were written and published by traditional publishers (St. Martin's Press and Genesis Press) a looooong while ago. Some are still available as print and/or ebooks.

NOTE: They haven't been updated. And my writing style has changed a bit. lol